Mini campside Valencia

Villa Carmen

the town on walking distance

Mini Campside Villa Carmen has stunning views on the medieval town of Bocairent and the Natural park the Sierra Mariola

For everybody
Grownups& Kids

We invite you to come and stay with us and hope you will enjoy the beauty of Hostel Villa Carmen and it's surroundings!

Villa Carmen
Mini Campside

Less like a typical campside and more like staying at a friend's place!

Mini campside Villa Carmen | Bocairent

Villa Carmen is a big old rustic country house located in a Natural Park called “Sierra Mariola” in Bocairent (Valencia Spain). The mini Campside has stunning views on the medieval town of Bocairent, even at night, you will be amazed by the beauty of the view from our garden.

For the whole family

Feel at home and enjoy our mini campside at Villa Carmen and it’s area have to offer. You can relax in one of the hammocks, or take a dive in the swimming pool and enjoy the sun on one of our terraces. Maybe you feel like reading a book under the whineranks next to the natural fountain providing us with fresh mountain water, or perhaps be more active on our sportsfield. You can also take a walk into town which is walking distance from the mini campside and discover the small labyrinthlike streets of the old part of Bocairent. Visit the caves which will make you feel like a child again. Enjoy the beauty and lovely smell of the variety of herbs the Sierra Mariola has to offer with short or long walking trips. Be amazed by the many traditional Spanish Fiestas and unexpected good nightlife for a small town like Bocairent.

Stay and enjoy

Whatever it is your looking for in a holiday, you can find it here at our mini campside. From being completely on your own, to mingle with other travellers. You can get a taste of typical Spanish life including it’s food or order a pizza because you just feel like it.

We invite you to come and stay with us and hope you will enjoy the beauty of mini campside Villa Carmen and it’s surroundings!