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The Green Route, also called the Route of “Xixarra” train: Bocairent – Villena

CYCLING ROUTES MINI CAMPING VILLA CARMEN From the fantastic place Mini Camping and Hostel Villa Carmen, in Bocairent, there are various cycling routes and hiking trails. Mini Camping Villa Carmen is our starting point of all these  tracks and cycling routes which we describe here. That’s because Bocairent is very good situated for inland tourism […]

New kitchen in Minicampsite Villa Carmen

Cooking in a camping can be very difficult sometimes. There is not enough place to leave pots and things we use, the table is too small. Last year many of our guests made use of the kitchen because there was more place to work and cook. But we also saw last year the need for […]

New barbecue

We’ve worked very hard the last few months and we have finished it. A little but cute terras with a stove, sink and a new barbecue. Now you can enjoy with your familie and other guests from a pleasant afternoon or evening barbecue in the minicampside. The barbecue is between the minicampside and the  garden […]