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20 best campsites camping uk europe accessible by public transport

https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2019/jul/20/20-best-campsites-camping-uk-europe-accessible-by-public-transport The Guardian ( https://www.theguardian.com/ ) travel section just published an article about the “20 best campsites camping uk europe accessible by public transport. “ We are very Honored to be included in this list , as only campsite in Spain. The Guardian wrote the following about our campsite:With cracking views of the medieval town […]

rustic camping

This year we are published with our Spanisch mine Campsite on the cover of the Dutch camping guide called rustic camping (Rustiek Kamperen) We are very proud to be choosen as front page picture of the 2019 version.

Sierra de Mariola

The Sierra de Mariola is a Natural Park that has 17.257ha and belongs to the Betic mountain at the south of Valencia and north of Alicante. Know about Sierra Mariola: It’s highest mountain is the Montcabrer with 1390m, followed by the Alto de Mariola with 1158m, El Contador with 1232m and El Portin with 1081m. Municipalities […]

The Green Route, also called the Route of “Xixarra” train: Bocairent – Villena

CYCLING ROUTES MINI CAMPING VILLA CARMEN From the fantastic place Mini Camping and Hostel Villa Carmen, in Bocairent, there are various cycling routes and hiking trails. Mini Camping Villa Carmen is our starting point of all these  tracks and cycling routes which we describe here. That’s because Bocairent is very good situated for inland tourism […]

Destino España

Since we moved to Spain, we’ve been several times on spanish television. This movie is from “Destino España” gives a nice idea of how beautiful it is around Bocairent. This movie is made in springtime, end of march, beginning of april when all the trees were blossoming. The nice spanish spring and autumn are perfect for […]